To help people on Panay (Philippines) after devastating typhoon, we (wife Büttner of the initiative "Paderborn-a region helps") and I started a small fundraiser. 2 pictures of me were auctioned (Gusto Marie in Paderborn) in a nice cafe / restaurant.
A Philippines, Rochelle, who lives in Paderborn, was very happy on good messages and helf and has forwarded them to her sister living there
my pictures ...... in the hands of small children ... I am overwhelmed and happy to make a small part to help! 

This is probably the best Christmas present that I ever received!

Between fantasy and reality, "art exhibition with works by Sabine Jaekel at City Hall Lichtenau
  22 May 2011 - 08 September 2011


left: Herr Reese, the association Sterntaler, Mr. Major Merschjohann, Sabine Jaekel, Professor Gerd Eberhard



Einige Impressionen:

Malen mit Sabine Jaekel

Volunteering makes them happy : Sabine Jaekel guest at the senior residence Lichtenau

Lichtenau ( Paderborn district ) - An honorary brings double joy : once for the person who volunteers his time and even for the people who get paid by the honorary joy. This time spent together is probably the most precious gift .

The residents of the senior residence Lichtenau rejoice since January 2012 on the renewed volunteer work by Mrs Sabine Jaekel from Lichtenau - Herbram . In the 14 - day rhythm visited us the well-known hobby painter to experience with our residents colorful hours.

 True to the motto of the senior residence Lichtenau " Situated in the green heart of life " . Entertainment, fun and variety part of our philosophy and is with us on the program.
Our seniors have the opportunity to fulfill themselves through the use of Sabine Jaekel .
With much joy and skill various techniques tried. Colors and shapes stimulate the mind and soul to think creatively . Paint is simply good . The harmonious interaction of all participants is felt and it is very nice to know how a hobby can be an honorary office.


Words about the exhibition

Sabine Jaekel offers travel  to "the seven wonders of the world"

The seven wonders of the modern age are still up to 7 To admire December at the district administration Hoexter . The artist Sabine Jaekel from Lichtenau - Herbram she has shown in more graceful and mysterious nature . Furthermore, landscapes and portraits with pastels and watercolors of her can be seen.
District Friedhelm Spieker opened the exhibition with works by Sabine Jaekel from Lichtenau - Herbram in the auditorium of the county house and the adjacent stairwell. The versatile artist takes visitors among other things, to the seven wonders of the modern age.
With old mediums such as colored wax , ink, self-made colors in combination with modern collage in which different materials are used, she shows her soulful interpretation of the seven wonders of the world . In addition, it presents - suitable for every building - self-written poetry as a profound exploration of the stories and myths that these entwine since the creation . But her other works are sometimes accompanied by her thoughts that she has written , and thus encourages the viewer to thoughtfulness , cheerfulness and reflection.

District Friedhelm Spieker tensed at the exhibition opening an arc from arts to politics " . Artists such as politicians present themselves and what they have to say , the public debate and let the audience decide," What the politicians the elections were for the artists exhibitions. Success have in politics as in art , only those who really reach the people . Sabine Jaekel would therefore move in an election not only a list place in parliament , " but you would very loosely win the direct mandate " The big applause for this statement showed District Spieker that visitors to the exhibition opening, the quality of the images assess similarly high.
Jaekel was born in Magedeburg . After training as an office clerk and a chemistry studies their future plans were interrupted by an exit visa and the later flight. In Lichtenau- Herbram , she found her second final home . The drawing and painting she has always accompanied the expertise it has acquired self-taught . To deepen an education in the direction of the visual arts , she attended versatile drawing and painting seminars. In 2010 she completed a correspondence course "Art / Creative Design " at the ILS , Germany's largest distance learning school , successfully .

Since 2012, she studied as a guest student at the University of Paderborn art history and taught as a lecturer at the People's University of Paderborn , the joy of painting . Sabine Jaekel was very heavily involved in voluntary work . She works regularly in day care centers and nursing homes with the elderly - paints , seals and sings with them , thus ensuring great enthusiasm . An affair of the heart is their support for the club " Sterntaler " does help for severely disabled children and their families.